Circa Group Pty Ltd
Bio21 Molecular Science
& Biotechnology Institute
30 Flemington Road, Parkville
VIC 3052 Australia
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Tony Duncan
Chief Executive Officer

Fabien Deswarte
Business Development Manager

c/o Bio 21, Flemington Road

+61 419 303 117

Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials.



Circa’s proprietary Furacell™ technology has been proven over 6 years and 4 pilot plants.


Circa’s proprietary Furacell™ technology has been proven OVEr 9 years and 4 pilot plants.

Scaling up new technologies is often both difficult and disappointing – yields vary or reduce, and problems that are not readily apparent at the micro level become almost unworkable at scale. Circa has taken time to scale deliberately and efficiently. Our original manufacturing philosophy has been maintained as we’ve increased production volumes:

  • tolerance of different cellulose based feedstocks (sawdust, bagasse, straw etc)
  • energy neutral
  • near atmospheric pressure
  • as environmentally benign as we can get.

The process takes biomass and produces Levoglucosenone, char and water. Although biomass pyrolysis processes often produce a range of hundreds of unwanted chemicals, the Furacell™ process is highly selective and we have minimal by-products. This reduces downstream separation processes – and consequential disposal of waste. Char produced by the process has more than enough energy content to run the Furacell™ process.

Conversion of Levoglucosenone to Cyrene is a relatively simple 1 step operation.