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Chief Executive Officer

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Business Development Manager

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Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials.

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Cyrene™ is a chiral dipolar aprotic solvent manufactured from renewable cellulose by Circa.

Developed in conjunction with University of York’s Green Chemistry group, Cyrene™ has successfully undergone initial testing across a range of, generic solvent reactions indicating it could be a viable alternative to NMP (NMP has been classified under REACH as toxic for reproduction). An Ames miniscreen test for potential mutagenicity has been completed with no mutagenicity observed. More...

Circa Group and The University of New England have successfully collaborated to produce a valuable and powerful dairy flavouring, Laiscent™ (FEMA 3780, CAS No 18679-18-0), from Circa’s platform chemical,Levoglucosenone.

Laiscent™ is a nature identical molecule (it is found naturally in dairy products) and has a sweet, dairy taste which can be identified in very small quantities.  Usage levels of below 10ppm in the finished product are suggested. More...

Cellulose sourced (S)-(–)-5-Hydroxymethyl-2(5H)-furanone (cas 78508-96-0)



Levoglucosenone (CAS No. 37112-31-5) is recognised as a valuable product for two primary reasons:

  • the preservation of two of the natural chiral centres in cellulose that can be transferred into chiral therapeutic agents able to inhibit enzymatic reactions in viruses and other pathogens.
  • the α β-unsaturated ketone and protected aldehyde functionality in the levoglucosenone molecule offers the organic chemist a wide range of synthetic opportunities as a starting point for new molecules having fixed and known stereochemistry for anti-viral, anti-cancer and other bio-activity screening. More...

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