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Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials.


LGO: one of the UK’s Top 3 bio-based chemicals

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA and YORK, UK – October 2017. Levoglucosenone (LGO) has been chosen as one of the UK’s top 3 biochemical opportunities, in an LBNet report authored by E4Tech.   

The report ranked chemicals based on UK strengths and market attractiveness which was defined as having “distinctive functionality and sustainability features, potential market value and competition”.

“LGO making the top three is a clear message that the breadth of opportunities to use this molecule is economically significant,” explains Tony Duncan, CEO of Circa. “Levoglucosenone is different; its extraordinary functionality means we can not only develop derivative products to replace current toxic chemicals but also challenge and offer product developers a new set of properties to work with.”

Circa is the first company worldwide to have developed a continuous process to manufacture Levoglucosenone from non-food, waste cellulose, such as sawdust. Our unique FuracellTM process uses waste cellulose to produce this highly-functional molecule that has considerable potential for the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients, agrochemicals, polymers and speciality chemicals.

Using LGO as a starting material, Circa is working with partners to produce a variety of high-performance chemicals, including Cyrene, a new, safer solvent. The team are finalising their prototype plant in Tasmania to produce 50 tonnes of Cyrene per year; and have already signed distribution agreements with Merck Sigma for R&D quantities worldwide, and with Will & Co in the Benelux region, home to the both the largest integrated chemical cluster and refinery site in Europe.

We are delighted that LGO has been recognised as a significant opportunity for bio-based chemicals. Creating bio-based chemicals that reduce toxic impacts on people and the environment from production, through consumption to disposal lies at the heart of our business, and it is exciting that others are recognising the huge potential of LGO now too.