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Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials.


Press release - High growth market opportunities support investment

Nigel Rowe

Initial results from a study undertaken for Circa with funding support from the UK Government’s innovation agency - Innovate UK – are confirming the opportunity for a secondary supply of the high potency flavouring, dairy lactone.

The work is being undertaken to establish the business case for a local facility to manufacture dairy lactone using Circa’s renewable feedstock based levoglucosenone as the starting material.

Dairy lactone (FEMA 3780, cas 18679-18-0) is a nature identical molecule, found naturally in some dairy products, with a sweet, dairy taste that when used in very small quantities, provides customers with improved organoleptic sensations.

Circa, The University of New England and AgroParisTech have successfully collaborated to develop a patented cost effective process for the manufacture of this valuable dairy flavouring.

The breakthrough provides food and drink manufacturers new opportunities to develop novel products and maintain dairy flavours where consumer health demands require a limited use of dairy; or environmental constraints limit the availability of dairy products. In some Western markets, up to 15% of the population avoid dairy in their diet, and 20% avoid lactose. This study indicates that sales of lactose-free products is expected to increase by 75% over the next 4-5 years.

Opportunities in high growth "dairy flavour" markets include:

  1. health specific dairy products (reduction in fat / lactose)
  2. demand from food companies to reduce their environmental footprints (e.g. usage of water).
  3. dairy flavour opportunities in non-dairy products (soy milk / sorbet / croissants)
  4. Pediatric medicines

“As we move towards commissioning our FC5 Levoglucosenone prototype plant later in 2016, we need to keep identifying and executing downstream opportunities,” commented Tony Duncan, CEO of Circa, “Along with Cyrene, our renewable solvent; dairy lactone is a key opportunity. A product that can be produced sustainably for a supply constrained and fast growing  market.

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