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Tony Duncan
Chief Executive Officer

Fabien Deswarte
Business Development Manager

c/o Bio 21, Flemington Road

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Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials.

Finalist in prestigious Sustainability Leader Awards


Finalist in prestigious Sustainability Leader Awards

Nigel Rowe

The Sustainability Leader Award 2014, one of the leading Sustainability specialist awards, has shortlisted Circa in the Sustainability Product Innovation category.

The European Awards focused on “recognising true leadership and innovation among companies and organisations that are making genuine progress in embedding sustainability throughout their operations” (, accessed Sept 8, 2014).

Circa CEO, Tony Duncan, commented: “consumer demand for more sustainable and environmentally responsible products, and the increasing regulatory environment surrounding the chemical industry are key drivers of Circa’s business strategy to build a business based on manufacturing a valuable and functional molecule (Levoglucosenone), from sustainable, non-food cellulose, supported with research from leading global practitioners in green chemistry”. 

The nomination as one of the 6 finalists in the category of Sustainability Product Innovation is recognition of the work by a wide range of collaborators in UK, Australia, France and New Zealand.

He added, “being shortlisted and recognised along with major multinationals is something everyone involved with Circa is very proud of. It is obvious that European and North American markets have a sophisticated understanding of more sustainable opportunities in this sector, and this is being well supported by their governments”. 

The ongoing recognition from international judges provides further proof that Circa’s strategy to develop a sustainable manufacturing approach is technically and commercially feasible.