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Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials.


New report on Australian biorefinery potential welcomed

Nigel Rowe

Release of the Deloitte Access Economics / QUT study into the economic impacts of a future biorefinery industry has been welcomed by Tony Duncan, CEO of Circa Group Pty Ltd.

As one of few Australian clean-tech companies focused on cellulosic biomass, Duncan commented, “diverse organisations ranging from international paper companies, UK and European research institutions and the US Department of Defense have, over recent years, invested in cellulosic biorefinery technology. With tens of millions of tonnes of renewable, non-food waste cellulose available annually, Australia is lagging in the development and commercialisation of new technologies to harness this sustainable feedstock as future replacement for petrochemical/toxic products”.

The transformation of non-food organic matter into value-added chemicals has received increasing global attention within the last past years. By supporting this report, Queensland University of Technology is recognising a renewable, clean tech opportunity that has the potential to deliver regional jobs, exports and lower carbon emissions.

“This report, along with recent work from research group VTT  for the South Australian Government, indicates that the economic potential of new non-food, cellulose based technologies, and their ability to work within current traditional industries, is at last being recognised by key Australian agencies”, commented Duncan.