Circa Group Pty Ltd
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Coburg North VIC 3058 Australia
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Tony Duncan
Chief Executive Officer

Warwick Raverty
Chief Scientist

c/o Bio 21, Flemington Road

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Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials.


The Company

the company

Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials. 

Millions of tonnes of renewable and under-utilised cellulose provide opportunities for smart companies to develop novel bio-processes and products with improved environmental and health outcomes across global markets.

The sustainability of cellulose, the world’s most abundant polymer, inspires Circa’s strategy to become a leader in the conversion of non-food cellulose into advanced, high performance chemicals.

Established in 2006, Circa’s proprietary Furacell™ technology utilises cellulosic waste to manufacture Levoglucosenone, a valuable platform molecule. And leveraging Levoglucosenone’s functionality is an emerging portfolio of sustainable products such as bio-solvents, flavours and bio-polymers, for pharmaceutical, agrichemical, new materials and clean technology companies.

With a manufacturing joint venture in place to build “FC5” – a 50 tonne per year commercial demonstration plant - Circa is now working with global businesses to discover and develop solutions to current health and environmental concerns. An example is Cyrene, an increasingly viable alternative to traditional polar aprotic solvents, including NMP, DCM, and DMF, which are under regulatory pressure in Europe, North America and elsewhere.

To exploit the unique functionality of Levoglucosenone, Circa is building a collaborative network of researchers around the world to develop performance-based derivatives - shaping Circa’s growing position in the bio-economy, with sustainable and novel, bio-derived products.


Increasing demands from consumers and governments have driven a continuing improvement in industrial sustainable practices over the past forty years. Circa and Norske Skog’s commitment to develop the Furacell™ 5 facility to produce high performance chemicals from waste and plantation sourced biomass is designed to exploit these trends for safer and more sustainable products.