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Circa Group is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials.



Bio-based solvents on the rise

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Several criteria should be fulfilled in order to call a solvent ‘green’
Driven by government regulations and concerns regarding environmental preservation and depletion of natural resources, the bio-based solvents industry has faced an exponential rise in demand and a push towards the development of innovative green solutions. These solvents, among which bio-acetone and bio-ethanol, are an effective and low-cost alternative to conventional solvents.

University of York GCCE students win the Yale Centre for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering award at the recent ACS Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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Congratulations particularly to PhD students Anna Zhenova and Alisa Doroshenko for their efforts and skill in delivering a powerful message on the benefits of using more sustainable and safer chemicals for a more sustainable and safer world.

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You can see the other winner and honorable mentions at Yale's website

The Federal Government is investing $1.5 million in Norske Skog’s plan to develop a world-first ‘green’ alternative to fossil-fuel-based solvents at its Boyer Mill in Tasmania

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The Norwegian-owned newsprint maker and Melbourne-based chemical technology R&D company Circa Group – headed by well-known industry identity Tony Duncan – are building a commercial demonstration plant at Boyer for Cyrene, a non-toxic and cleaner alternative to conventional solvents. Certified plantation softwood will be used to produce the bio-solvent.

Australia has the opportunity to establish a completely new biochemical industry based on renewable forestry resources and today’s announcement will help maintain the Cyrene project’s first mover status. Cyrene is an environmentally friendly, sustainably produced solvent that has the potential to replace fossil fuel based solvents that are currently used in the pharmaceutical and agrichemical industries around the world. We are very proud of the work being done at the Boyer Mill in conjunction with our joint venture partner, Circa Group, to commercialise the production of Cyrene. Today’s announcement is another very important step.
— Rod Bender, Norske Skog’s vice president of renewables and business development.